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Michelle says: “There is nothing better for a photographer and traveller than visiting a country for the very first time. After those memorable first impressions, you will never see a country or destination in the same way again. In this section I have posts on my first visit to the Great Wall of China – in high heels; Finland, for a think-tank; Malaysia; India; and Monaco. As this section grows, there will be much more to come.”

My first time in FINLAND

The closest I came to Finland was a trip to Norway and Sweden by Interail, many moons ago, during my university years. My next Finnish alert was not so much Finland as Helsinki – the Helsinki School is one of the best photography schools in the world, and leads...

My first time in INDIA

We are all different and we are all the same. The very best travel experience is one that can never be repeated: it’s when you set foot in a new country for the first time. Sometimes when I am teaching photography, my students have never been to the place where...