Bespoke Hotel Web Audit and Review


As hotels re-open up across the world, this is the perfect time to ensure that you have the very best narrative and visuals on your hotel website.

As hotels re-open up across the world, this is the perfect time to ensure that you have the very best narrative and visuals on your hotel website.


Bespoke Hotel Web Audit and Review

A regular audit and update of your website is essential to ensure that the content reflects your current strategy and to help the property´s positioning in search engines. A hotel web review offers you a service that can be tailored to your needs without the expense of hotel visits or new photo shoots. The Bespoke Hotel Web Audit can extend the life of your current photos and update texts with and a professional, efficient review by top hotel specialists.

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The current changes in the hospitality landscape make it more important than ever to review and update your property´s digital assets.

Hotel web reviews we source engaging texts and beautiful, appealing imagery.

We believe that your website should reflect the care and effort you take with your guests and highlight your best features and that a web review is an essential tool to ensure that you capture your online audience with clear, engaging texts and beautiful, appealing imagery.

This review can be tailored to your property’s particular needs and a bespoke package can include:

Your Words

  •   Overall text review of messaging and style
  •   Adjust content to include timely information reflecting client’s current interests: outdoor space, in-room dining options, cleanliness, employee health and safety awareness etc.
  •   Copywriting refresh to focus on your best features of your hotel, being mindful of key word optimization, to target these same features in the search engines.

Your Images

  •   Organisation and full review of image library with selection of “take me there” images
  •   Visual reputation analysis through existing imagery. Review which 5 images are most seen often in search engines.
  •   Visual harmony throughout the web to ensure a coherent message through imagery
  •   Remote retouching of 5 key existing images


Extend the life of your current website by refreshing the text, improving your ranking with Google.

Make the most of your existing photos without the expense and complications of a new photoshoot and get an overview of your photo library and identify any missing images for your next shoot.

Make sure that you are ahead of your competitors and better positioned to reach your guests as travel starts up again

Audit your content and review your key words, images and copy in light of possible changes in the needs of your guests: highlight services which are now more important such as outdoor space and cleanliness protocols.

Ensure that you have the best photos to describe your services, that your key features and benefits are clear and prominently described.



As seasoned professionals in the travel and hotel industry we know the importance of a website as the first impression of your property and also how it impacts on its reputation.

It is the flagship and your hotel ́s window to the world and we bring a fresh viewpoint combined with experience in design and content creation for a wide range of hotels worldwide.

Your partners for this Remote Web Audit and Review are two industry professionals, specialists in communication with many years of international luxury hotel experience


Rosemary Trigg

With a wide international experience for brands such as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, The Leading Hotels of The World and Fairmont Hotels as well as with independent luxury hotels in Spain. She combines a strategic view with a hands-on attitude and the know-how to get the message across for her clients.
Having successfully positioned hotels and resorts throughout Europe, Rosemary has a wide- ranging knowledge and expertise in social media, marketing, PR and communication. She now works in partnership on projects with properties assisting them to achieve specific business objectives.
Rosemary supports clients to showcase their company through their digital and traditional communication channels through strategic planning, mentoring and creating engaging content. As a seasoned hospitality professional she is committed to service excellence.


Michelle Chaplow Hotel Photographer

In 2010 she founded Hotel Essence Photography, whose mission is to go beyond standard hotel photography and capture the spirit, the very essence of a property.
As a keynote speaker, Michelle has delivered speeches on the Importance of Photography including “The Importance of Visual Reputation for Luxury Hotels”, “Consumers Crave Visual Stories: Increase the Revenue from your Hotel Website and Social Media channels with Strong Visuals”
A truly passionate photographer, Michelle loves to go beyond the conventional viewpoint to capture the very essence of the subject.
Hotel Essence Photography has been commissioned and published by highly prestigious hotel groups such as Mandarin Oriental, Fairmont Hotels, Paradores de España, Kempinski, Oberoi, The Most Famous Hotels in the World®, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and numerous independently-owned hotels over 5 continents


This audit and review will be conducted remotely giving you access to international professionals and allowing us to work within the current restrictions on movement yet ensuring a highly competitive price.
We will ensure clear, regular communication with you so that you know exactly what is going on and enabling us to fully understand your property and your goals for this review.


Bespoke packages can be tailored specifically for your property and needs, prices start from €1,950


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