Welcome to Hotel Essence Photography Portfolio. 

In this section you will find a portfolio of hotels around the world that we have photographed. 

The aim of Hotel Essence Photography is to capture the personality of the hotel so that the viewer feels compelled to say, “Take me there!” With years of experience in this sector, we are expert at creating photographs that portray the unique quirks, charms and attractions of the individual property – and display its real heart, its essence.

It’s the detail that portrays the feeling, the soul, the heart & the very essence of the hotel.

Hotel Essence Photography

This portfolio section offers real examples of images that have worked for specific hotel establishments and resorts. In a hotel´s image portfolio, every feature and aspect should be included: architectural shots, guest rooms, communal spaces, sunsets, sunrises, daylight shots, food photography, experiences, gardens and grounds, night shots, not to mention the details that capture exactly what is so special about the property – the hotel, spa, grounds, setting – and why a particular hotel offers an experience like no other. Please browse this portfolio section – here you will find not only images, but accompanying text, providing background information about each image and how it was shot.
In the hospitality industry of today, where Social Media means that more visuals of your property are seen on more devices by more people across more media platforms than ever before, images that simply depict a hotel’s amenities and architecture are not enough. The connected global traveller wants more – images that portray the intrinsic qualities of a hotel, showing what it actually feels like to be a guest.
How can Hotel Essence Photography create more buzz about your hotel?
After 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, Michelle Chaplow’s impressive range of work in this niche market – and that of the team behind her – places Hotel Essence Photography in a unique position to manage luxury hotel photography projects around the globe.
In this online reservation, visually-rich, Social Media-linked world, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words; good visuals are also essential for press and PR coverage. Some publications won’t even carry stories about hotels unless the visuals are of excellent quality.
“Hotels are individual entities – no two are the same, and it´s very important to capture and express each property’s unique personality with strong visuals,” Michelle Chaplow.
If you are looking for evocative images that portray the real essence of your hotel – Hotel Essence Photography can help you achieve your marketing goals.