The Sacher Hotel, Vienna, Austria

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“It’s worth staying at the Sacher on the basis that they make the best chocolate cake in the world, alone. Not to mention the views to the opera house…”

Hotel Essence Photography

Hotel photography

Think of Hotel Sacher and two things may come to mind: the socialite Anna Sacher and the most delicious chocolate cake in the world – the Sacher-Torte, invented by Franz Sacher in 1832. Indeed, the cake is just as famous around the world as the hotel which serves it. The Hotel Sacher is a Viennese institution, frequented by royalty, dignitaries, and celebrities alike. The cake, the exotic flowers, the umbrellas to protect you from the Viennese showers, and a truly professional concierge are features of this hotel that cry to be captured by the photographer and displayed. Michelle Chaplow and the Hotel Essence Photography team were commissioned to do just that, and their portfolio features the details that make this historic landmark so distinctive, from beautiful red roses to the hotel’s luxurious lounge area with antique furniture, gold lamps and large paintings.

The hotel experience

Hotel Sacher has a wide variety of exquisite accommodation on offer to guests, with rooms and suites steeped in history and designed to the highest standard of luxury. Some of its star accommodation includes deluxe rooms, signature suites, where tradition is redefined, and the Madame Butterfly suite, which is 180m², has its own study, and offers an incredible, nearly 360°, view of the beautiful city of Vienna.

Dining options at the hotel cover a huge variety of tastes; the Rote Bar serves Viennese specialities under beautifully glistening crystal chandeliers, accompanied by relaxing live piano music in the evenings. A menu of traditional Austrian recipes mixed with international haute cuisine and a perfect wine pairing, specially selected by the kitchen team, can be found in the Grüne Bar, a two-Toques winning restaurant. The sophisticated Blaue Bar serves classy cocktails, and The Sacher Eck offers delicious coffee and cake in a luxury setting. Visitors can enjoy a slice of the original Sacher-Torte, along with a cup of traditional Viennese coffee, at The Café Sacher. The French modernist flair of the Golden ‘20s is captured in the Salon Sacher, to which guests are invited for a range of exquisite experiences, with unique delicacies that are inspired by creations Anna Sacher once served her guests.

The hotel’s Sacher Boutique Spa is the perfect place for guests to relax after a long day of exploring Vienna. Spa-goers can discover the magic of the exclusive “Time to Chocolate” body line or be pampered with facial and body treatments. The hotel’s Finnish Sauna or five-star fitness room can be opened on guests’ requests and offer a one-to-one personal training session. There is also a steam bath and vital bar, which offers nutritious snacks before or after gym and spa sessions. Anyone visiting for a special occasion can have their make-up done by skilled artists or enjoy beauty treatments using the finest Ligne St. Barth cosmetics sourced from the Caribbean.

This personalisation extends beyond the hotel itself; the Sacher offers an incredible ride and dine trip around Vienna. This memorable experience involves sitting on a horse-drawn carriage, which takes you around the city’s sights, while you enjoy a slice of original Sacher-Torte, some delicious canapés made by the hotel’s talented chefs, and a refreshing bottle of sparkling Sacher Cuvée. A personal butler guides guests on this tour of the city.

Sacher Hotel history

The history of the five-star Hotel Sacher is closely linked with its eponymous Sacher-Torte. The cake was invented by Franz Sacher in 1832, when he was an apprentice pâtissier aged just 16. It was his son, Eduard, who founded the hotel years later in 1876. The secret recipe for the famous dessert is still carefully guarded in the hotel’s vaults.

Eduard’s wife, Anna Sacher, ran the hotel from 1892 until her death in 1930, during which time Hotel Sacher became an infamous haunt for the rich and famous. It was Anna who started the hotel’s tradition of embroidering the names of famous guests onto a tablecloth, displayed in a glass showcase within the hotel. Tablecloth number six is reportedly underway. Famous guests of the hotel have included the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, actress Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Hillary Clinton, and the Dalai Lama. Everyone from heads of state, including U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth II of England, to musician Justin Bieber and model Naomi Campbell have also stayed there. The hotel is also a member of “The Most Famous Hotels in The World”, and author Andreas Augustin wrote a book on the hotel and its fascinating history. In 1994, the Sacher Hotels group became a member of the “Leading Hotels of the World”.

In 2016, the Sacher School of Excellence opened, which offers comprehensive training to all Sacher employees to perfect their skillset and allow them to offer world-class service to guests.