Hotel Photography Tips

On this page you will find all kinds of tips, tricks and guidance on hotel photography written by expert hotel photographer, Michelle Chaplow. Hotel photography is an art form that can encompass many different types of photography, from stunning landscape shots to cosy interiors. As a photographer, it’s important to know the best techniques to accurately capture the beauty and essence of the property.

Professional hospitality photography plays a crucial role in the hotel sector today because high-quality images have a significant impact on the booking decisions of potential guests. In an increasingly competitive industry, hotels need to stand out and capture the attention of prospective guests.

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Quality hotel photography is vital in the hotel sector today because quality images sell room nights. It helps hotels create a positive first impression, increase bookings, establish an emotional connection, differentiate their hotel  from competitors, enhance online presence, build trust, and achieve a return on investment. By investing in professional photography, hotels can effectively showcase the very essence of their hotel and inspire potential guests to choose their establishment over others in an increasingly competitive market.

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