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Hotel Photography – capturing the essence of luxury and historic hotels from around the world 

This website shows our work capturing the very best luxury hotels, historic hotels and resorts around the world using superb-quality photography of those essential details which capture each hotel’s unique and special character.

Who are Hotel Essence Photography, and what do they offer?

Professional hotel photographer Michelle Chaplow and her crew specialise in photographing luxury hotel properties and resorts worldwide. We cover architectural photography, exteriors, interiors, environmental portraits of hotel staff, local experiences and excursions, geo-identifiers (the small things that remind guests exactly where they are in the world). With lighting specialists, art directors, stylists, digital editors and journalists, to achieve exactly the right look, feel and message about a property, the Essence team offers a unique service carrying out luxury hotel photography commissions around the globe.

Our top priority is to capture the essence of your establishment – Michelle Chaplow and her team are passionate about travel and the hotel industry, and are highly experienced in depicting the world’s finest hotels in an alluring and original way which makes the viewer feel they want to be a guest. “My aim is to capture the personality of a hotel in such a way that the viewer feels compelled to say, ‘Take me there!’ ” says Michelle Chaplow.

What is the essence of a hotel?

The mission of Hotel Essence Photography is to go beyond capturing the bedrooms and communal zones of the property. The aim is to capture the very essence of the hotel. The things you remember when you return home, the details that make you feel happy at the time and which create a connection: scented flowers by the bath, pillow gifts, cultural influences, historical references, tea on the terrace, a smiling face to greet you each morning. The essence of a hotel is in the detail. It’s the detail that portrays the feeling, the soul, the heart and the very essence of the hotel. The things that will make your hotel stand out from the rest.

Travel – is it the journey, the destination and the hotel? Or could it be the hotel, the destination and then the journey? Whichever way you look at it, the hotel is a fundamental requisite of modern-day travel, in terms of convenience and comfort for the globe-trotting voyager, whether for business or pleasure, but also that added extra which makes a stay so memorable, and separates a good hotel from a truly outstanding one. And a superb hotel will indeed entice the traveller to a particular destination.

Why is high-quality photography so important?

In this high-tech world, where our visual skills are constantly being used as we “read” and interpret the imagery around us – whether on a computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV or in a glossy magazine – quality photography of a hotel or resort is a necessary tool for online and print promotion. To make a hotel stand out from the competition, superb images are both an essential requisite and a sound investment.

These days five-star hotels aren’t just about the facilities – they’re all about the guest experience. Guests are probably more interested the personal treatment offered by a hotel, how it is more enticing and individual, than that offered by other establishments.

That’s where Hotel Essence comes in. In our superb, thoughtfully-composed, beautifully-shot photographs, you can see the infinite care taken by hotel staff to make each guest feel special, welcome, relaxed and at home; the extra effort taken, the exciting activities and excursions offered – why this is the hotel they must book. For it is, quite simply, unmissable. That’s the power of first-class hotel photography.

We create photography that you will be proud to use thoughout your digital, print and social media channels. Photography which communicates effecitvely and persuasively to potential guests exactly why your hotel is the one they should book. Photography is the window to your world before they arrive, and the memory and dreams that guests take with them when they leave.