Fairmont Hotel Barcelona


Photo shoot for the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

A magnificent five-star property, whose luxurious, stylish rooms offer views of the city, mountains, and lush subtropical gardens and swimming pools. The hotel has a resort feel and yet is only a 15-minute walk from the iconic Camp Nou Football stadium, while for those attending conferences, the Palau de Congresses of Cataluña is right on the doorstep. This hotel is located on Avenida Diagonal, in the heart of Barcelona’s financial district; a superb venue for either business or pleasure.

Hotel Essence Photography have carried out two photo shoots for Fairmont Hotel Barcelona including:-

Lifestyle photography
As hotels evolve, customers crave new imagery, and Michelle had the pleasure of working with model and fashion stylist Giselle Garcia. Her brief was to capture cycling, running, and family images within the 25,000m2 grounds of the Fairmont Barcelona. Michelle was also looking to capture some of those wonderful #fairmontmoments. Lifestyle photography is, essentially, capturing the art of the everyday, and using models can help guests to imagine what it would be like to go running in the gardens, cycle through the resort, lounge by the pool, and just chill with the family.

Room photography
Guest rooms at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I boast mountain and sea views. Capturing the architecture and interior design of the rooms is important, but the crowning glory is always the view. A room with a spectacular vista is so important to many guests. On average it takes about two hours to prepare each room for the photo shoot: this includes our stylist making the beds meticulously, clearing surfaces of clutter, and arranging beautiful white fresh flowers; also interior lighting must be correct,, and of course blue skies in daylight – or, if preferred, evening light. Naturally, the mood of the room changes throughout the day from dawn through to midday and then afternoon and dusk. When the meteorological conditions are not ideal for shooting, then the schedule is adjusted to ensure that all hotels rooms are shown in their very best light.

Hotel pools and lifestyle photography
There is something about blue that appeals to the human eye, and to our aesthetic sensibilities, and the vast Fairmont swimming pools with their linen daybed curtains blowing gently in the breeze, create a great backdrop for lifestyle photography.

Pools and architectural photography
Architectural photography is all about symmetry, and the “catwalk” that runs right down the centre of the pool is very appealing to photograph. The scene changes dramatically between sunrise and sunset, and even though Michelle was only commissioned to carry out daylight imagery, I knew that adding in a night shot would provide extra value to the project. It took quite some coordinating to have everything pristine, with the maintence team on board to help out with garden and pool lighting. However with the Fairmont communications director present, Michelle was able to capture this additional photo, offering a different perspective: a new image that until this year the property did not have in its hotel photography portfolio.

Food Photography

From the creative breakfast cuisine to  mouth-watering patisserie, there are so many photo opportunities at the The Fairmont Barcelona


Architectural photography is all about symmetry, and the “catwalk” that runs right down the centre of the pool is very appealing to photograph.

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