Serras Hotel Barcelona


Photo shoot for the Serras Hotel Barcelona, Spain

A magnificent city property, whose stylish rooms offer views of the Barcelona Marina and the Mediterranean.

Hotel Essence Photography carried out a two week photo shoots for Serras Hotel Barcelona during the Covid lockdown we were the only guests in the hotel apart form one very famous opera singer, residing in the “Suite Mediterraneo”-

Room photography
Guest rooms and suites at the Serras Hotel Barcelona . Capturing the architecture and interior design of the rooms is important, but the crowning glory is always the view. A room with a spectacular vista is so important to many guests. On average it takes about two hours to prepare each room for the photo shoot: this includes our stylist making the beds meticulously, clearing surfaces of clutter, and arranging beautiful white fresh flowers; also interior lighting must be correct,, and of course blue skies in daylight – or, if preferred, evening light. Naturally, the mood of the room changes throughout the day from dawn through to midday and then afternoon and dusk. When the meteorological conditions are not ideal for shooting, then the schedule is adjusted to ensure that all hotels rooms are shown in their very best light.

Hotel pools 
There is something about blue that appeals to the human eye, and to our aesthetic sensibilities, and the rooftop swimming pool with the city and sea views is an unmissable photo  for this  luxury boutique hotel in Barcelona.

Pools and architectural photography
Architectural photography is all about symmetry. The scene changes dramatically between sunrise and sunset, and even though Michelle was only commissioned to carry out daylight imagery, She knew that adding in a night shot would provide extra value to the project. It took quite some coordinating the area, to have everything pristine, with the maintenance team on board to help out with pool lighting.

Food Photography

From the creative breakfast cuisine to mouth-watering patisserie, there are so many photo opportunities at the Serras Hotel Barcelona .All in all a very enjoyable photography assignment.

Serras Barcelona

Serras hotel is a proud member of Preferred Hotel and Resorts



Architectural photography is all about image, and the rooftop city view pool is very appealing to photograph.

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