New post-pandemic trends and tendencies in the photography sector.

GUEST SPEAKER – Michelle Chaplow, Luxury and Historic hotel photographer.

Continuing with the autumn theme of ‘adapting’, Costa Press Club-member, Michelle Chaplow will be sharing her experiences of overcoming challenges during the Covid pandemic. These include adapting her hotel photography to new health protocols and images to new narratives, mastering new skills such as the art of remote portrait photography and pioneering the use of NFT digital tokens in her artwork, already selected for international shows this year.

Date Tuesday 9th November 2021.

Venue  Río Real Golf, Marbella, Spain.

Time 7pm for 7.30pm

Your invitation  Members and guests are very welcome to attend. For more info view event link. 

Adapting and enjoying overcoming the pandemic challenges

Michelle continued doing international hotel shoots both in Spain and Switzerland during the pandemic – obviously adapting her way of working to follow all relevant protocols, but also in terms of the images she produced.

“Adapting” to the post pandemic visual narrative, by guest speaker Michelle Chaplow

Today, there is more focus on outdoor spaces, in order to instil confidence in potential hotel clients as people start to travel again. This new post-pandemic narrative is supported by a new form of expression both in visual and written material.

In terms of learning and aquiring new skills, the pandemic provided Michelle with an excellent opportunity to master the technique of remote portrait photography: when the model and photographer are not together in the photoshoot, but in separate locations, with the photographer providing instructions remotely. They can even be in two different countries (think Megan Markle’s pregnancy shot). In this example to boxer is in England and Michelle captured and processed the images in her Studio in Spain.

Remote Photography

Remote Photography

Michelle will also share her experience of creating and launching her first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) image earlier this year, entering the exciting new world of crypto art which is currently experiencing a boom.

Andalucia Auras NFT Collection by Michelle Chaplow

Andalucia Auras NFT Collection by Michelle Chaplow

NFTs are digital certificates for artworks; they are non-exchangeable, verifiable, unique and are stored on the blockchain, a digital ledger where you can see who has owned them, and when they were bought and sold. NFTs are extremely popular with collectors and investors. 

Michelle’s NFT work was selected for the Show at Bitcoin Miami 2021; Stratosphere  exhibition in Beijing; the NFT Goddesses project in aid of Breast Cancer Support, featuring 35 international women artists; and first NFT event in the Big Apple NFT.NYC, which took place on 1-4  November 2021.

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