Badly made beds, displayed on  a hotel website, will not entice guests to check in, especially in a “covid cautious” world.

Take a close look at these hotel beds! These are real photos, live out there on the Internet, screen shots from websites, in this new world, with #covid not far from our minds, ask yourself, would you sleep here?

Badly prepared hotel beds

Sometimes hoteliers are “blind” to the quality of their own imagery. You know and I know, a badly prepared bed is not visually appealing and more so right now.

That is exactly why, as hotels reopen their doors that we have a new service, a remote web review to meticulously double check the words and photos on a hotel website, giving hoteliers time to concentrate on operations.

Hotel Beds, by hotel essence photography

As hotels re-open across the world, many clients will need reassurance to make a hotel reservation.

More so now than ever before we need to feel safe in terms of hygiene. It is very important to convey the reassurance of cleanliness in both your messages and visuals. 

This second collage above, depicts a selection of our photography. What a difference a well prepared image makes. Compare the two examples of photography, it´s night and day. We know time is short and we are not looking a photo shoots just yet but… a nutshell our review will ensure that there are no “howlers” on your hotel website.

What is included in a Remote Web Review?

As seasoned professionals in the travel and hotel industry we know the importance of a website as the first impression of your property and also how it impacts on its reputation.

☑ We will ensure that photos that are not up to scratch are removed from a hotel´s website.
☑ We will ensure that you are conveying the correct messages.
☑ We will carry out a careful audit of your content to review your key words, images and copy in light of possible changes in the needs of your guests: highlight services which are now more important such as outdoor space and cleanliness protocols.
☑ You can rest assured that your partners for this Remote Web Audit and Review are two industry professionals, specialists in communication with many years of international luxury hotel experience.
☑ We know that reviewing a website can be a really boring methodical task for many hoteliers, but we love the challenge and can take that headache away.

Now is the time to ensure that you have the very best words and photos on your hotel website

Hotels Post-Coronavirus - Re-openings

That extra attention to detail is so important. To help the hotel industry, in what is a difficult period, we are offering a 25 % discount for clients that sign up for a remote web review, before the 20th of August

Contact us and quote 25% Web Review discount