Muffins make the headlines.

Muffins make the Duban,

Oh I do love to read the local news: “High Cops” and “Police eat laced muffins”.

On the same muffins-in-Durban note, during my stay in South Africa, on 17 July 2013, the Daily News (delivered to my room at the curry-tastic Durban Hilton Hotel) headlined on its front page:

High Cops” “Police eat laced muffins.” Apparently nine cops from the Montclair police station accidentally ate some home-made muffins with a “secret weed” ingredient – an observer was quoted saying they “were all as high as kites”.

According to the Daily News “The incident came in the same week that the Montclair Community Policing Forum launched a drug awareness campaign at the station.” You can read the full article here

So there you have it: there may be more to the simple Durban cupcake than meets the eye.