By Fiona Flores Watson

A strong dose of artist happiness was shared at the opening of the exhibition “Spin Off” at The Fundation Valentin Madariaga y Oya in Seville.

"Spin Off" Exhibition opening

Spin off Exhibition Seville – Fundacion de Valentin Madariaga

Photos from the “Spin Off” opening. (From top, L to R) Eduardo D’Acosta – curator of the Spin Off exhibition, the artists, Michelle Chaplow with the Pool of Life, and the facade of the Fundacion Valentin Madariaga
Curated by Eduardo D´Acosta who lectures at the art school in Seville and the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo (CAC in Malaga), this exhibition is testament to Eduardo’s energy and dedication, as shown by the high quality of his students’ and colleagues’ work.

Anyone who knows Eduardo will tell you that his enthusiasm for photography is contagious – he put on a superb show, combining the work of 10 guest lecturers and 30 artists who have studied Contemporary Photography with him, either at the CAC in Malaga, or at the Fundation Valentin Madariaga y Oya in Seville.

“So much talent in the rooms I feel privileged to have two photographs from my series the “Pool of Life” on display,” said Michelle

Michelle’s photos were from her series, “The Pool of Life” – which, after four years, is still a work in progress. The series examines the female form, with naked women in abandoned swimming pools. Her photographs have a dreamy, surreal feel to them, and the creamy texture of the model’s skin, contrasted with the greyish surrounding water, is very striking.


Hannah - The Pool of Life " Spin off" Exhibition

Hannah – The Pool of Life ” Spin off” Exhibition Fundación Valentín de Madariaga y Oya Seville

The photographs, entitled Hannah, have been recognised in several awards, including honourable mentions at the Black&White Spider Awards, the Photography Masters Cup, an exhibition by the Royal Photographic Society, and in an article by Nikon.

Artists in Spin Off include: Pierre Gonnord – José Manuel Ballester – Juan Manuel Castro Prieto – Miguel Trillo – Luis Baylón – Dionisio González – Bleda y Rosa – Tete Álvarez – Jesús Madriñán – Adela Aguilera – Diego Diez – Laurent Perrot – Rando – Alejandra Vera – Álvaro Trigos – Silvia Torres – Benito Alcón – Cristina Lorenzo – David Villalba – Diana Mingorance – Diego Fajardo – Javier Orive – José Bellido – Gloria Rico – Lía García – Luis Colmenero – Luismi Zapata – Manuel Ibañez – Manuel Viola – MariCarmen Quintana – Michelle Chaplow – Miguel Torés – Naikari – Pía Arrieta – Roberto Cerrato – Frank Gámiz – Violeta Niebla – Silvia Diaz – José Luis Moreno – Juan Carlos Carmona -Esther Pita.


More photos from the opening of the Spin Off exhibition at the Fundacion Valentin Madariaga 

The opening of the Spin Off exhibition at the Fundacion Valentin Madariaga

The opening of the Spin Off exhibition at the Fundacion Valentin Madariaga

Spin Off dates 15 October until the 8 of January 2017

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