Huffington Post blog entry by Michelle Chaplow

Ten Teddies from Historic hotels

Huffington Post. Ten Teddies from Historic Hotels by Michelle Chaplow

Huffington Post. Ten Teddies from Historic Hotels by Michelle Chaplow

When you think of historic hotels, what comes to mind? Afternoon tea, tales about legendary past guests, tempting swimming pools, stunning locations? For those who travel with children, or who need to bring back a placatory gift for children or the romantics, the hotel´s signature teddy bear can form a useful extra take-away from your stay.

History of the teddy
The world’s first teddy bears were developed in the early 1900s by Morris Mitchtom in the United States and in Germany by Richard Steiff, around the same time – although unbeknownst to each other. The American versions were so-named after US President Theodore Roosevelt, known as “Teddy”. In 1902 Roosevelt went on a bear-hunting trip, where he didn’t manage to shoot an animal. His aides tracked a bear and tied it to a tree, but compassionate Roosevelt refused to kill the animal in such a cold-hearted, unsportsmanlike fashion.

A cartoon of the incident appeared in the Washington Post and inspired Morris and Rose Mitchtom to create a small stuffed bear – Morris sent a copy to Roosevelt, requesting and receiving the President’s permission to call it “Teddy´s bear”. At the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, you can see a teddy dating from 1903, which was presented to Theodore Roosevelt’s grandson Kermit in 1963 by Michtom’s son Benjamin.

Meanwhile in Germany, Richard Steiff developed the Bear 55PB, which he exhibited at Leipzig Toy Fair in March 1903, where 3,000 were ordered for a New York toy company. By 1907 Steiff was manufacturing nearly one million bears a year, and the company is still producing high quality teddy bears today.

These days, the term teddy bear can refer to all cuddly toys (plush toys) including stuffed animals as well as bears.

Teddy bears have always held a wide appeal for all ages, not just children, as they’re not gender-specific and can be appreciated whether sitting decoratively on a shelf or accompanying their devoted young owner at bedtime.

Love teddy bears? Here are 10 luxury historic hotels teddies and plush animals to add to your collection.

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