Social Media Photography By Michelle Chaplow

Social media photography is a very valuable element of hotel marketing

Social media photography for hotels is a very valuable element of hotel marketing. The engagement it produces between hotels and prospective guests can increase bookings and hence generate revenue.

Images are processed by the brain so much faster than text, so it goes without saying that the photography on a hotel’s social media feeds (as well as website) need to be both inviting and carefully curated. Social media photography does not have to be the same as the photography on a hotel’s website; there is room for manoeuvre. It can be more spontaneous and provide a real-time, live window into the hotel day by day. Social media photography helps to establish the brand in the mind of travellers, stopping scrollers in their tracks by communicating unique stories and capturing a hotel’s essence

Michelle Chaplow shares her top tips on social media photography for hotels :

1. Portray the essence of your brand. In the photographs, bring out the property’s personality by focusing on the uniqueness of your hotel.

Social Media hotel Photography Alvear palace

Guests have climbed this staircase for over 100 years, This is the essence, something that´s unique to the Alvear Palace.

2. Communicate the guest’s experience in the first person. Create images that show what it’s really like to spend time there.

Social media Photography Park Hotel Vitznau

A first person perspective,


3. Visual storytelling. What better platform for stories than social media?  Use the temporary ‘stories’ on your platforms, as well as posting on your main feed, to turn everyday events in your establishment into fun narratives.

Fairmont Hotel Social Media Photography

Family Fun at the Fairmont Barcelona #fairmontmoments

4. Share the platform with your hotel family. Not every member of staff will have a good eye, but if a member of your team captures a perfect shot, adding it to your Instagram and telling the story behind the image is a win-win for your team and your audience. The sous chef who arrives at 5am may just capture the first snowfall, or a beautiful sunrise.

5. Curate your cropping. One size does not fit all; the images on a hotel website are will not all translate well into the photo formats of different social media platforms. Adapt the size and orientation of your images for each platform.

A facebook post highlighting staycations in Singapore

A facebook post highlighting staycations at the MO Singapore

6. Post “take me there” images. This is always the priority with hotel photography, but is even more important on social media where grabbing the attention of a quickly scrolling audience is crucial.

Finca Cortesin Social Media

Al fresco dining, a “take me there” social media shot.

7. Identify your ‘Instagramable’ hotspots. Think about which smaller locations in your hotel will grab people’s attention and encourage bookings. It you have a photogenic spot on your doorstep, illustrate it.

Benbow inn Social Media

The famous “Avenue of the Giants” is right on the doorstep of Benbow Historic inn


8. Post regular and engaging content. Your followers should be consistently engaged and intrigued to learn more.

Social Media Avani Luang Prabang

Social media is a great way to share offers with a hotel´s followers

9. Monitor hashtags and mentions of your hotel on other feeds. A guest’s photo may also be worth retweeting, sharing or posting on your feed or stories. They will love having their post recognised, and this interaction will build a following for your hotel.

10. Be consistent in posting. Regular posts will not only keep your audience up to date, they will encourage engagement, community spirit and followers. Share your news.

A socal media food photography image used to announce the entry of La Val´s Ustria Miracla restaurant in the Michelin guide

A socal media food photography image used to announce the entry of La Val´s Ustria Miracla restaurant in the Michelin guide

11. Be consistent in style your images should convey the “look and feel” of the hotel.

12. Don’t forget the details! The wealth of content on social media accounts means they are ideal for posting the small details. These will often be the things that guests remember, and can encourage new and old guests alike to check in.

The Serras Barcelona Social Media Photography

Cute little details work well in this three second world.

Traditional Photography & Social Media Photography

In terms of a hotel’s photography portfolio, some social media photography for hotels can originate from the products of a formal shoot, however, social media gives hotels another parallel channel that can be more spontaneous and seasonal; a window into what’s happening at that hotel right now. Many hotels are moving towards commissioning formal photoshoots for websites and print, as well as a mini photoshoot with a sole focus on social media. Posting regular content and opening that window onto your property means that old and prospective guests can develop an ongoing relationship with your hotel like never before. Hand in hand with a hotel’s website, guests have engaging images populating their feeds – a sure-fire way to encourage those all important reservations.


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