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Michelle´s two main ongoing contemporary art projects are

The Pool of Life, 2012- ongoing
Images that depict the poetry of the female form, alone in abandoned swimming pools.

In 2016 Michelle commenced a project called Intertwining images human form intertwines into the landscape and naturally adopts the very same environmental shapes, colours and textures as the nature around them.

Interpretation of Photography during the Coronavirus

Interpretation of Photography during the Coronavirus

By Michelle Chaplow April 10 2020 Do you see what I see in this photograph? Each person has there own interpretation of art. No two people will see the same story in the same photograph. Nobody will “read” the same narrative. Our reaction to a specific visual depends...
Spring 2019 Color Awards, Los Angeles,USA

Spring 2019 Color Awards, Los Angeles,USA

Spring 2019 Color Awards, Los Angeles,USA Winners of the 12th Annual International Color Awards were announced at a prestigious online Nominees & Winners Photo Show, livestreamed from Beverly Hills on Saturday 9 March 2019. Nominated After Coffee Games Category:...

The Pink Plastic Chairs of Mandalay

By Michelle Chaplow Contemporary art is all around us. Back in December, on my first-ever visit to Myanmar (formerly Burma), I took the river version of “the road to Mandalay” with The Strand Cruise – unadulterated luxury. But on my unforgettable journey along...

The contemporary still life

Modern day photography – the contemporary still life by Michelle Chaplow In terms of still life imagery, the world of photography takes inspiration from the great masters of classical painting, creating contemporary twists on traditional still life shots. Many...