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Michelle Chaplow is well known for her luxury hotel and travel photography. However alongside her professional life as a hotel photographer, she has a series of ongoing contemporary art projects.

Auras of Andalucia
In 1992 Michelle started photographing Andalucia, the region of southern Spain where she is based; she now has an archive of 200,000 images, and it’s still a work in progress!

The Pool of Life, which commenced as a final project on a contemporary art photography course at the Contemporary Art Museum in Malaga (CAC). 2012-ongoing

In 2016 Michelle commenced a project called Intertwining images human form intertwines into the landscape and naturally adopts the very same environmental shapes, colours and textures as the nature around them.

Out of season
Depicting hotels out of season. Project started in 2012 – a work in progress.

“My Takes”
Created by Michelle Chaplow as a personal series, this collection of photographs is outside the commercial client brief for hotel photography. Here, Michelle captures her own personal vision of a particular hotel.
Michelle says: “These images were never intended to publicize the hotel, but instead represent a view of my private moments, my aesthetic reaction to that hotel’s history, architecture, character and spirit.”

Moscow International Foto Awards 2016

  It is always a pleasure to receive a notification of an award. The selected image entitled, “Am I Alone?” is part of my ongoing ‘Pool of Life’ project, which illustrates the female form, in abandoned swimming pools. “It is my great pleasure to...

Intertwining – Contemporary art photography.

  A new year, brings new thoughts and ideas for imagery, nature is a huge inspiration to all photographers. In this image the human form intertwines and naturally adopts the very same environmental shapes, colours and textures. The first in my new series :...